The Difference Between Soreness and Pain

What is the difference between being sore and being in pain? Soreness is often a good thing; you are building muscle or stretching out ligaments, etc...

Those are two perfect examples actually. Let's say I do neck traction for too long or too many pounds; I will be sore. The body just isn't used to it and ligaments and/or tendons are being stretched. It'll feel like an ache.

Just like when you go work out or maybe lift weights for the first time in awhile, you may be sore.

That's or main tell-tale sign - what were you doing that precipitated this painlike sensation. If you over-did a workout, or did it for the first time, you are using new muscle groups or at least using one that haven't been worked like that in a while - that's soreness, and is normal. Now if this persists for days and started following a awkward movement it can be pain.

My suggestion is to take a break or take it easy on that body part for the next week or until it feels better.

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