Choosing the right neck pillow based on your symptoms

Choosing the right neck pillow can be difficult because there are so many choices online, in the stores, and at your Doctors office. Which one is right for you? I would like to share a few emails that we have received in the past month about this very topic of choosing the right neck pillow:

Email #1

I was all set to order one of your pillows but now I am a little confused. I really do not have a medical problem. Please recommend one of your pillows for me. I wake up several times during the night uncomfortable with neck and shoulder pain. In the past I owned a contour memory foam pillow which I did not like. That pillow made my jaw ache. I am 5'3" tall, weigh 150lbs. Please recommend the right pillow for me. -Osi

Answer: I would recommend the cervical traction neck pillow for Osi. Because she has tried a countour memory foam pillow in the past, the cervical traction neck pillow will be a good firmness but not as hard as the foam. cervical traction neck pillow
This particular pillow is made of 100% polyester fiber and does not change based on temperature changes. She can sleep on her side or on her back. It would be advantageous to her to sleep on her back because then she can avoid contact with her jaw. Sleeping on her back can be also made more comfortable by putting pillows or a knee elevator under her knees, instantly taking the pressure off of her lower back.

Email #2

Hi there! I have a question - I was recently told I have a straight neck due to the loss of curvature. I'm trying the 'Therapeutica' one from my Dr.'s office but it isn't too comfortable for me, when on my side. That pillow comes in different sizes. Since proper height of the pillow is important, can you tell me how your pillow works if one size is for all? I've been trying for a very long time to find a pillow that is comfortable. Thank you.- Michelle

Answer: In this case I would recommend the Cervical Traction Neck Pillow for Michelle. The reason is that she needs traction in her neck while she sleeps to put the proper cervical curve back in her neck. If Michelle is a petite-framed person that is of height less than 5.0 ft, I would recommend for her the linear gravity neck pillow Small. linear gravity neck pillow comes in 3 sizes This is an excellent support neck pillow- although it is not going to give as much traction in the neck like the cervical traction pillow, it will still give her good support under her neck in the c shape form, and the pillow will be proportionally sized for her. The Small Linear Gravity Neck Pillow is 20 inches x 13 inches in dimension. *** Incidentally, we have received many questions about the one size fits all for the cervical traction neck pillow. We have spoken to our manufacturing department and because of the design of the neck pillow, it cannot be made any smaller than what it is right now.

Email #3

I have had cervical disc replacement surgery. I have been looking at your net traction pillow. I also have had lower back surgery and have been looking at your lumbar chair pillows. If I were to order either of these and they do not work, can they be returned? Thank you for your interest, and your response.- Marble

Answer: Yes, we have a 30 day return policy. Just contact us within 30 days and you can return any item. There is a 15% restocking fee and shipping is non refundable. Just email us at info@arc4life.com and let us know that you are returning the pillow back.

Email #4

I am interested in the Cervical Traction Neck Pillow. I'm trying to establish if it will be the right pillow for me. I have had neck and shoulder pain forever. I currently use a feather pillow and was told by my chiropractor to replace it. I am bascially a side sleeper and wonder if this pillow will help me and how hard it will be to adjust to using it. -Juhysleeping on your side with the cervical traction neck pillow
Yes, you can sleep on your side and on your back with the cervical traction neck pillow.

Email #5

What would be the best sleeping pillow for somone with a problem in the 5th and 6th vertabrae that has been instructed to "get the curve" back into their neck? -Jatinder
Answer: The Cervical Traction Neck Pillow will be a good choice for a pillow because is designed to give you traction in your neck while you sleep. Traction, over time has been found to improve the cervical curvature in the neck. It would also be a good idea to use the traction device during the day- that will dramatically improve the cervical curvature of your spine. Check out the Pronex Pneumatic Cervical Traction Unit.

If you have a specific question about choosing the right neck pillow, contact us at Arc4life: Email us at Info@arc4life.com

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