Trigger Points In The Neck...The Unwanted Tight Muscle Knots That Cause More Problems Than You Might Think!!!

I'll start by defining trigger points. They are a tight spot in a muscle that occurs when muscles gets imbalanced, strained or irritated in some way.

It typically occurs because there is some pressure or irritation to the nerves communicating to that muscle. You see, your muscles and body parts are told what to do, when to move, etc. from your brain. The nerves are the pathway to get that message there.

Pressure to the nerves, usually from a spinal segment or segments being out of position, will block some of that communication from your brain to you muscle.

Hence, the muscle doesn't work exactly as it should. Muscle fibers slide across each other, and when there is some imbalance or problem, they don't move like they shoud. This causes those muscles fibers to get stuck and "knot-up".

Taking pressure of the nerves by correcting spinal alignment gets the muscles working properly again!...Often times you may also need to massage out those Trigger Points as well. This will help relieve pain and pressure and allow the spine to hold it's normal alignment.

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