Don’t make your Back Pain An Excuse For Everything

Don't let lower back pain prevent you from exercisingWhen you suffer from lower back pain it prevents you from working, from spending time with your families, not being able to participate in special hobbies - but don’t let back pain excuse you from exercising.

For those patients who suffer from chronic back pain, they are often put out of commission for periods at a time, make a part of the family room couch.

According to the University of Michigan Health System, here are some guidelines on how to to continue exercising even with back pain.

It is very important to check with your Primary Care Physician to make sure you are okay to being any new activity. Here are some guidelines to keep yourself active:

  • Low Impact exercises such as walking, swimming, and biking are generally safe for a sore back

  • Before exercises, it is very important to stretch your lower back so that your muscles are warmed up. Also if you feel that your muscles are sore and tight before starting take a warm shower

  • Wear Loose clothing, and don’t wear shoes

  • Any time you feel pain, stop that exercise

  • Avoid more involved exercises such as situps, hip twists, toe touchs or any activity that cause hyper extension in y our back

  • Avoid high impact sports like soccer, football or volleyball

  • Avoid Lifting weights – lifting to much weight or lifting incorrectly with bad form can aggravate a back condition.

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