"I awake with neck and shoulder pain daily"....

Dealing with Neck Pain and Shoulder Pain can make sleep impossible- Choosing the right neck pillow is very important
We recently received the following email from a desperate customer looking for the right neck pillow...

Hi, im pretty new to picking a pillow for my cause i was hoping you could help me. I am a side sleeper and awake with neck and shoulder pain daily, mainly on the right side because that's the shoulder i lay on. I may have a pinched nerve but have yet to see the doc. Any sugesstions i would greatly apprciate and would give a try. Thanks ~ Davinder

Dear Davinder,

Thank you for your email- I think that I would recommend a cervical traction neck pillow for you. This cervical support pillow has two functions: support and traction. The Cervical traction Neck Pillow is for side and back sleepers. This pillow is particularly good for patients who suffer from a disc herniation in the neck or a “pinched” nerve. The traction part of the pillow is designed to support your neck in the proper cervical curve and also to maintain proper alignment when you are sleeping.

Because of the special design of the pillow, it back take a few nights to get used to. My suggestion would be to try the CLT pillow using the neck roll side of the pillow to begin with - also use the pillow for a few hours each night and then go back to your regular pillow. Slowly use the pillow a few hours greater each night. Some soreness and achiness is normal for some of our patients because they are not used to a pillow with this built in support for the neck. I am also going to give you a link for neck stretches that you can do in the A.M: arc4life.com/neckstretches. Make sure you do these only to the point of feeling a stretch, not to the point of pain. Davinder, you will notice that you may only be able to bend your neck in a small range of motion in the beginning, but this increase as you continue the neck stretches.

For more information about a pinched nerve in the neck, visit the Neck Pain Support Blog.

I hope this helps- IF you have any more specific questions about this neck pillow, please email me directly at arc4life[at]Cox.net (change the [at] to @).

Visit Arc4life.com for your online selection of cervical support neck pillows, orthopedic pain relief products and Home traction units. Products for pain relief.

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