What's the best neck pillow for aches and knots?

Today's post comes from Yahoo Answers- Everybody suffers from aches and knots in the neck. So here is the question:

Question:What's the best neck pillow for aches and knots? I have this neck pillow that vibrates. Well, I took out that mechanism that causes it to vibrate, because it feels like it's shaking my brains, and that's not very comfortable. I've just been using it to sleep with now, and I'm looking for a neck pillow that might gently knead the neck muscles. Any ideas? I tried several searches, but I can't seem to locate one that does that. Maybe you know from personal experience, which one is the best. Thanks so much :)

Answer: Here is a great neck pillow that will give you a gentle stretch in your neck while you are sleeping: the Cervical traction Neck Pillow.The Cervical Traction Neck Pillow will give you a gentle stretch in your Neck while you are sleeping
If you look at the design of this pillow you will note that this pillow has a "v" in the center and other other side is a neck roll. The V Part actually gives your cervical muscles a gentle stretch when you are sleeping. This is really good especially if you have a decreased cervical curve in your neck. The other side of the pillow supports you head and neck, making sure that it is properly supported while sleeping.

Portable T.E.N.S Unit for relief from tightness, stiff neck and muscle spasmHow about instead of getting a pillow that "vibrates" or "kneads"- get a home portable T.e.n.s Unit for your muscle spasms. Do this during the day, when you are awake for about 20 minutes. Use ice (acute neck pain) or heat afterwards (chronic neck pain). Also you can use a natural pain relieving gel like biofreeze to work on the cervical paraspinals and suboccipitals.

Source(s): Yahoo Answers

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