The Scary Truth About The Nerves In Our Neck: THEY DON’T ALL DETECT PAIN!

This can be very scary because there can be problems going on and you don’t know it. Then on day you may awake with pain and wonder; “What happened, how and why do I have this, I’ve been pain free for years”.

What’s been happening is that you’ve had pressure on nerves that don’t necessarily relay pain. Often I’ve come across people who seem pain free and “healthy” but they get an x-ray that reveals horrible degeneration for example. Degeneration is arthritis and it takes years to accumulate. And once you get to a certain level I can guarantee you will get pain.

If we leave pressure on a nerve it will break down itself and once we affect enough different nerve fibers you will irritate one that relays pain. The good news is we can spot some of these thing ahead of time. The main way is by looking at posture. Posture is a doorway into your spinal alignment. You always hear me talk about forward neck posture (that’s the most common shift of our neck spine). Someone with forward neck or head has that going on in their spine, or even a military neck or maybe a cervical khyphosis. Is this bad – Yep. Can this lead to pain or some other unwanted symptom like muscle irritation, loss of ranges of motion, or headaches, or worse – You bet!

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