"Should I Only Use My Neck Pillow When I’m In Pain?"

Normal Neck Alignment From The Anterior Or Front View

I personally would use it all the time, or at least the majority of the time. Your neck pillow can be a big help when you are having pain but it is also very important for improving and maintaining posture and spinal alignment. This in turn prevents pain and muscle tightness because it allows the cervical spine to stay in its natural alignment allowing the nerves to be in their natural positions. The natural normal alignment of the neck is straight up and down when looking at a spine from the front or back. From the side, or lateral view, there should be a smooth “C” like curvature. Normal Neck Alignment From The Lateral Or Side View

The spine in this position helps the spinal cord to stay relaxed and allows your body to withstand the forces of gravity when upright. Keeping your spine in its normal healthy alignment at night sleeping helps train the spinal bones to stay in position during the day.

So pain relief is very important but maintaining and preventing neck pain is just as important as well. Remember the old saying: “An Ounce of PREVENTION is worth a Pound of CURE”!

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