Tinnitus or Ringing in the Ear – Can this Be Coming From My Neck?

This blog post is written by Dr. Matthew Bellinger, a chiropractor in Glastonbury Connecticut.
Ringing in the ears is called Tinnitus
For years my own father suffered from ringing in the ears. I remember him describing it more like the sound of a train coming through when it was bad. I know it was very disturbing and difficult for him to deal with. Looking back it kind of makes me think of a serious migraine sufferer; when it was bad he used to have to go up to his bedroom and lay down for awhile until it subsided. Sadly, there were many times where my father missed out on a family function or something else he might have enjoyed, because of his tinnitus.

His history involves years of physical work as well as contact sports. He was a wrestler which involves a lot of head and neck twisting is one particular thing that sticks out. He also took a big fall as a kid which may have injured his neck. Another factor was that he spent four years in the navy on submarines which can irritate the inner ears in certain circumstances.

He was examined by a chiropractor and it was shown on his xrays that he had a significant misalignment of the atlas (the top bone of his spine). The atlas is extremely important because in the upper cervical spine there is a very rich bed of nerves and nerve impulses. Pressure on nerves in this region can cause a number of serious health issues. Not to mention, nerves in the upper neck do also communicate to the ear, sinuses, eyes, etc; all areas that are closely connected.

Through treatments at his chiropractor’s office and recommendations of things to do at home and work, he was able to eliminate his ringing in the ears and function normally again.

- Dr. Matthew Bellinger, Glastonbury Chiropractor

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