I See A Chiropractor, But My Neck Still Hasn’t Improved?

This can often happen if heor she hasn’t prescribed you with any traction or exercises. The key to getting rid of the neck pain is taking pressure off the nerves.

Essential to relieving nerve pressure is putting the spine in alignment. The chiropractic adjustments often do this temporarily, but without stretching the ligaments and strengthening certain muscles, it won’t hold.

So the best bet to not only relieve the pain, but also correct the alignment, is to utilize some adjustments but also have a regimen of cervical traction. My recommendations for best results are to 1) use the traction pillow at night, 2) work up to 10 minutes – 20 minutes of the posture pump home neck traction 3-5 times per week in the beginning and 3) see your chiropractor periodically or as recommended.

There are some other options out there as well. You may find one chiropractor works better for you than another, you may discover another doctor that helps you correct the spine, reduce stress, and improve your health. But the two best tools I have found thus far to help hold your adjustments and/or maintain your neck alignment are the cervical traction pillow and the cervical traction posture pump.

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