What is a "Pinched Nerve"?

What is a "Pinched Nerve"? This is a condition where there is nerve pressure, typically from spinal degeneration or a disc herniation, or both.

When a disc herniates, or protudes (disk protrusion) it travels into the area occupied by the nerves or nerve roots. This then creates the "pinching" effect. This pinching can also be created by a buged disc, as well as bone spurring or arthritis. In fact, someone asked me which pillow might work best for a person with arthritis and osteophytes in the neck. My response- The Cervical Traction Neck Pillow.

The traction pillow can help to open up the nerve holes slightly more giving relief from osteophyte, bone spurs, or deteriorating spinal bones. With this particular pillow you also have the option to use the slightly softer Linear Gravity side if that gives more comfort (just rotate the pillow 180 degrees).

As you may have guessed osteophytes is the medical term for boe spurring. As breakdown or arthritis occurs the bone starts wearing down and the discs often flatten and therefore bulge out. Any one of these thing can then cause a pinched nerve. This can not only happen in the neck, but anywhere in the back. When it is in the neck you may have shoulder or arm pain; in the low back, you may have leg pain or sciatica.

Keeping the spine healthy and in a healthy position is paramount to preventing pinched nerves.

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