I have a lot of “Cracking and Popping” in my Neck, What could this be?

“My neck is always making noise, it doesn’t usually hurt much, but it feels good when it pops.” Usually what this means is that something is shifted out of place and the body is trying to correct it.

What you are hearing is simply a gas release in the joint similar to if you crack your knuckles. If this occurs occasionally and isn’t really linked with any neck pain or back pain then it’s fine. If, on the other hand, it seems to be occuring more often or you are experiencing neck pain, arm pain, headaches, or upper back pain, you may have a spinal segment out of place and along with a muscle strain.

What sometimes happens is: something gets shifted, this puts pressure on nerves. The body will then try to correct or compensate, usually by allowing the vertebrae above and below the one that is shifted and/or stuck, to move more easily. These are often the segments making all the noise.

So chances are, if things are still “cracking or popping” alot after a few days you may want to get your neck posture and alignment checked.

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