What Is The Best Pillow For A Cervical Disc?

In my opinion, the best option for a disc problem or disc pain would be the cervical traction pillow. The key is the neck roll combined with the traction effect. These features help restore the normal neck curve and put a gentle stretch on the spine.

When the neck has the normal curvature it's in its ideal position and the discs are held in place at their best. When the discs are out of position, putting the spine back in good position helps to retract the
disc(s) back into position.

With the V part of the pillow (this gives the traction effect) we can help give additional pull to the disc helping to retract it back. So putting the neck spine in position and tractioning the neck will give the most amount of retractive force to re-position the disc.

An additional component is diet. Certain nutrients can help keep the disc as healthy as possible. The main factor is water. Drinking alot of water helps to keep the discs hydrated which is most important in disc health.

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