Is It Normal To Move Around A Lot At Night When Sleeping, And Will A Neck Pillow Still Work For Me?

It is completely normal to move around a bit when sleeping. Most people won’t stay in one position all night. What to do with the traction pillow is try to start out at night on your back. Once you get used to this you will sleep in this position for awhile and eventually move or roll over. The “V” part of the pillow will not only give a gentle neck stretch, but will help hold you in this position longer. When your body is ready to move, you will automatically turn and land more on the wing of the pillow on either side.

As long as you get some time on your back during the night, you will help improve your neck posture. So don’t feel like you need to sleep all night on your back, you don’t. In fact, a lot of customers are solely side sleepers. The pillow is good for that too because it keeps the head and neck level. We simply recommend to start out on your back to get some neck tractioning. Just sleeping on this for a short time will help correct neck posture and reduce neck pain.

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