Could Your Cell Phone Be The Cause Of Your Neck Pain?

It might seem crazy, but as technology grows, so does the chance to injure yourself. More and more new gadgets are coming out each month, whether it’s the new smart phone, an ipad, portable video games like Nintendo DS, or e-readers like the Kindle. As the world gets more connected, we have to take a look at what the downside of all this progress in technology has on our bodies.

While using this variety of new hand-held technologies, take a look at your body’s position. For example, imagine the last time you were texting someone on your cell phone. Your head was bent forward to look at the screen, and naturally your shoulders rolled forward as well. Rolled shoulders can lead to a concave chest or pelvic tuck, which can contribute to pain over time.

So next time you use your cell phone, or watching a movie on your ipad, or are reading your Kindle, or playing on a Nintendo DS- try to remember your posture! By repeating this forward head posture day after day you can cause serious problems. So sit up straight, keep your shoulders back, and if at all possible hold your phone or other hand-held device closer to eye-level to avoid putting that strain on your neck.

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