The Many Uses of The Jackson Roll

A lot of people think the Jackson Roll’s sole purpose is to put behind your back while seated to support your lumbar curve. However, this is only one of its many uses. This pillow is one of the most versatile products. Not only is it a good low back support but it also can be used as a neck support, a leg rest for sleeping (while on your back, placed under the knees takes tension off back muscles), it can be placed under your abdomen or pelvis for low back comfort lying prone. Lastly, it can even help keep the pelvis in good alignment if placed between the legs upon side sleeping.

The Jackson roll is a fiber-filled support pillow that is cylinder in shape. Its dimensions are 17”x7” and it is available with a blue pillowcase.

The Jackson Roll Cushion is available for $29.00 at http://www.arc4life.com/

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