Always Make Neck Surgery Your Last Option!

People tend to think of surgery as the great fix that will definitely work better than all the other options. So they think: why waste time trying this or trying that for their neck pain.

However, the best thing to do is try all of these other non-surgical or less invasive neck treatments before opting for surgery. Neck surgery is similar to low back surgery- it’s risky, the success rate is actually not great, and once you do it you can’t go back.

Talk to your doctor if you recently suffered from a trauma like a car accident, if you arm and hand weakness, or if you are experiencing a fever along with your neck pain symptoms.
Recently, I received a call from a customer who needed advice on purchasing a cervical traction unit. This customer owned a painting company, but after talking with him, he mentioned he was a musician on the side, and had been recommended cervical fusion. The patient wanted to try everything else before resorting to surgery- and because of his passion for music- he did not want to even think about surgery.

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