“I fell asleep on the Couch, now my Neck is Killing me!”

Neck Pain While Watching TV

What happened is that you strained your neck. It’s best to sleep with your spine in it’s normal position; that is, when on your side, your head should be level, when on your back you spine should not be tilted, but have a little curvature when looking form the side.

What tends to happen on the couch is that your head is propped up on pillows, or it’s cranked to the side or something similar. Most people fall asleep by accident on the couch, usually watching TV.

The same may go for watching TV in bed. I recommend not having a television in the bedroom. The same thing tends to happen in bed; you end up falling asleep in an awkward position, or you’re sitting up and your neck falls to the side.

With the neck muscles constantly stretched from your neck being in a bad position over an extended period of time, you are almost guaranteed to strain the neck.

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