Suffering From Neck orBack Pain? Look to Your Posture...

Just today I saw a new patient in our office with neck and back pain. She was sitting on our exam table when I entered the room. Due to her severe pain I decided to do as much as I could with her in the seated position because I knew it would bother her neck to move around much.

I was feeling the spine and asked her to sit up as much as possible and look straight ahead. Then she noted to me; “my whole life I’ve had bad posture”. Why is this important?

-Posture is a window to our spinal alignment-

If someone comes in to see me, and I notice that their head is tilted, or forward, etc…you better believe that their cervical spine looks like that. This is extremely important because every millimeter of shift or malposition means that there is a greater likelihood of nerve pressure.

Misalignments may not be causing pain right now but if left alone it usually gets worse and then there will be pain…or arm discomfort…or headaches…or worse. The nervous system is our bodies control panel, interference will cause a problem; if not immediate it will happen somewhere down the road.

Using tools like the cltraction pillow, linear gravity pillow, or the posture corrector can help improve neck and back posture and keep your nerves free from interference.

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