Why does my Neck Hurt so Much?

There Can Be Many
Reasons For Neck Pain
There can be many reasons for your neck pain. Like anything else, the first step is often to find this cause. We all have computers these days; it’s sort of like if your internet isn’t working- is it a problem with your firewall, is it the modem, etc … We have to diagnose the problem.

One of the best things to do with neck or back pain is often to see your chiropractor. Most commonly there is a muscle strain causing nerve pressure or a spinal misalignment that’s creating the pressure.

There can be many causes of the neck pain, but over 90% of them have to do with your structure, meaning bones, joints and the like. All of these play a role in the body’s functionality. Any disruption in the skeletal system or muscles will affect the nerves. The nerves are what conduct the pain response as well as so many other things.

So the next step is to work on alignment of the spine. Our most recommended chiropractic pillow is the cervical traction pillow. With the built in neck roll, it’s the best thing to restore and maintain the normal neck curve.

Now that we know typically the neck pain is usually structural in nature, one other important note that just about every doctor or chiropractor agrees on is this: Early pain intervention is best. In other words, start taking care of the problem as soon as possible.

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