Relief From Neck Soreness!

I recently strained my neck. I went to a chiropractor for the 1st. I also just started using my new neck pillow.  My chiropractor said I may have soreness because it was my first treatment plus I strained my neck "pretty good".  I know too that using a different pillow than I'm used too can cause some soreness also.  The actual pain is much better but I have a soreness or ache going on, how can I speed the recovery?

Neck Soreness
First of all, congratulations on doing all the right things.  Using a chiropractor along with getting one of our neck pillows is a great combination to get rid of your neck pain as quick as possible.  The next thing to do to speed the recovery and limit the soreness is to use ice.  For neck soreness try the tri-sectional cold pack which you can rest on your shoulders while sitting up.

This should diminish the soreness.  The other factor is time, and based on how badly you strained your neck may determine how long it takes to heal.  The fact that your already free from major neck pain is a good sign.  Make sure to use the pillow gradually, this will help you get accustomed to it; but with most it doesn't take long at all.

Something else I often recommend for muscle strains is biofreeze gel.  It is an all natural pain relief gel that works really well and that I prefer over taking meds.

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