Forward Head Carriage can Increase the Weight of the Head on the Spine …

Foward Head Posture

Forward head posture can actually increase the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10 pounds (Kapundji, Physiology of Joints; Vol. 3).

Basically, our spines are built with these curves in place to withstand the forces of gravity. It’s just like a set of building blocks; if you stack them up so they’re out of alignment, then they can’t balance either. In our spine it’s similar; instead of collapsing however, the body compensates for misalignments and pulls calcium out of the bone and makes spurs or fuses things up to stabilize. Unfortunately, this is a last resort protection mechanism and will, of course, contribute to nerve pressure and therefore pain.

Using neck traction and even the cervical traction neck pillow by arc4life.com can help restore neck alignment and reduce neck stress due to extra weight of the head. Also, don’t forget, bone is heavy, so you can imagine having all the weight of not only the skull but all the contents pressing down!

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