Neck Pain: The Results Are In!

The majority of neck pain sufferers can still do their daily activities. Research shows that a little over 10% have neck pain that limits their activities. Lastly, a very small percentage have pain that qualifies as a disability.

Some notes to keep in mind are the fact that if the neck pain often recurs, chances are it will eventually be worse and worse. So, if your pain is not enough to stop you from working now, there’s a chance that your next episode may be different. Also, it’s just not worth it to lose time from work, or your family, or leisure activities. Keeping the pain away is much more cost effective and so much easier. Dealing with pain, whether it’s restricting activities, disabling, or neither, is still literally a pain!

Treatment options vary, and it also depends on the condition and the severity of the condition. But one thing is for certain: It’s always better to keep the neck pain away rather than waiting for it to occur and then dealing with it.

One great option whether neck pain is present or not is using a contour pillow or neck pillow. By far the most popular pillow is our cervical linear traction neck pillow.

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