Wishing Yourself a Good Night's Sleep

Arc4life's Tips for your Best Night’s Sleep

Arc4life's Top Tips for Better Sleep

  1. Spinal Alignment- the top thing we recommend is a neck pillow to keep your natural alignment. Not only will this improve your night’s sleep, but it will improve your neck posture and neck alignment when you are awake.
  2. Make it dark. Studies have shown we get our proper REM sleep when we sleep in complete darkness. So, if the street lights shine in or all your electronics glow in the dark, get curtains and move the gadgets.
  3. Put away your electronics. To continue on from the 2nd tip- Get rid of electronics in the bedroom. Not only do they often emit light, but studies are showing the electromagnetic waves or currents they give off can be harmful to your health.
  4. Reduce Noise- if your partner keeps you up because of their snoring get them the traction pillow. If you have to, get earplugs. Mainly, I find lately too many of us have a TV going that we fall asleep to. This is not a great idea. The TV room is for TV, the bedroom is for sleeping.
  5. Diet and exercise- do not eat or exercise too close to bed, or you will not sleep well. Preferably, you want to have down time or time to relax before bed, this calms your nerves allowing you to sleep and sleep better.
  6. Make sure you are breathing well. You should be breathing in and out comfortably. If your partner notices your breathes are very shallow try to inhale, hold for a few seconds, and release. Do 10 reps before bed to get your breathing deeper before you fall asleep.

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