Piriformis Syndrome and Lower Back Pain or Sciatica

Piriformis syndrome is basically deep pain in the buttocks region and often creates sciatic pain. The piriformis muscle has attachments to the sacrum and sacrotuborous ligament to the head of the femur.

The sciatic nerve travels between the two separate heads of the piriformis muscle. This is why piriformis strain or irritation is often associated with sciatica.

Muscle massage and chiropractic adjustments often relieve muscle tension allowing inflammation to dissipate and pressure on nerves to release. Your chiropractor may often give you stretches for your piriformis muscle to help loosen tension as well.

Any strain or pressure in the sacral or pelvic region will often throw off lumbar spinal alignment, hence it causes back pain. So, relaxing the piriformis may help relieve buttocks pain, but also sciatic pain and lower back pain.

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