Posture may Affect more than just your Health

Posture Plays A Role in How
Someone Acts
A study at Kellogg School of Management showed that posture plays a role in how someone acts. In this case, if someone acts more in charge or has more “power.”

There is no question posture has a psychological benefit besides a physical health benefit. We know that good posture means good spinal alignment. If we have this, then we have a body that works and functions normally. We have no pressure on nerves and joints have less stress.

Now, think about it- you’re feeling sad, down: what happens to your posture? You look down, your head shifts forward and down, your shoulders roll in. This posture is not so good for neck and back alignment, is it? Now you’re feeling happy: you just won a raffle (which never happens, you never win anything). You’re happy, you feel really good. Look at your posture now, it’s good: your head is up, you are smiling, you feel strong!

This is exactly what I’m talking about. We know our mind plays a big role in our physical health, just think about someone who is often stressed out or depressed, I can guarantee they start to have health problems.

By improving your posture you can improve your health mentally and physically. Start by correcting your neck posture and everything else will start to fall into place.

Picture Source: Posture of Success

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