Will My Neck Pillow Help with my Neck Pain Over the Long Haul?

 Absolutely!  Sometimes it will be a quick fix for your pain in the neck also.  The key, however, is to think about the long term.  Using the pillow will often help to correct spinal alignment and neck posture over time.  It just won’t do it overnight, reason being is that it has probably taken some time for your posture to shift out of place. 
            The pillow may align things enough to take pressure off of the nerves creating pain or relax muscles that are tensioned.  It may also help inflammation dissipate, which often builds up with misalignments and muscle tension creating more nerve pressure. 
            So, use a neck pillow to help realign your neck or maintain your neck alignment.  It’s typically going to take some time so rest assured (literally!) that it’s working.  You may even benefit from some short term neck pain relief.  In the long haul, using your pillow when you’re not in pain, will keep neck pain away too!
Have you ever experienced neck
pain when you wake up in the morning?

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