Wearing a Lumbosacral Support Correctly is the Key

One of the lower back belts that we recommend for preventing and relieving lower back pain is called the Corfit Lumbosacral Belt. One of the keys to this being effective is to make sure that the belt is on correctly. Here are 5 steps to making sure you have a good fit for this belt:

  • First loosen the two elastic side pull straps
  • Position the belt so that the lower back is covered. Position the belt across the back with the bottom edge over the coccyx or the tail bone
  • Close the belt so that you are comfortable. Don't close the belt too tightly or you won't be able to breathe. Make sure there is generous overlap.'
  • Grab the side pulls and stretch them out and down. This will provide maximum inward and upward lift
  • Fasten the side pull straps to the front panel of the belt

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