I Had Surgery in My neck, but it Still Hurts?

This is a tough one. Any time you do a surgery, and you mess with Mother Nature, there's a chance for irreversible damage. Don't get me wrong, you may do very well and you did it at the time, because it was your last option.

It just so happens that I have a pillow that has helped a lot of after surgery people. It's the traction "V" pillow. Reason is that the "v" does such a gentle traction that won't harm anything. So that really functions to hold you in place.

It's a soft pillow, made of fiber. This is unlike foam or memory foam which tends to be very firm. You can sleep on your back or side and you can even rotate it to sleep on the linear gravity side. This side is a little softer and is just a neck roll with no "v".

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