Are You Doing Crunches Correctly?

After doing certain exercises, such as crunches, many people complain about neck pain or discomfort. Oftentimes, this results from the way that they do these crunches. Most people do crunches by placing their hands over their ears or behind their heads and then bringing their heads towards their knees. However, in the process, they accidentally end up pulling by their neck as opposed to only using their abdominal muscles. This ends up causing the individual great pain and discomfort, and it can often discourage that person from exercising further.

Fortunately, this pain and discomfort in the neck during crunches can be avoided easily. Instead of pulling the neck forward with the hands behind the head, place your hands elsewhere. For example, cross them over your chest or place them gently over the ears. By doing so, you will prevent yourself from using your neck to pull yourself forward. Instead, you will focus on using your abdominal muscles and will get a better exercise overall. 

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