Sleep Hygiene - Whats That?

Sleep hygiene is just what the words imply...Essentially we want you to have good sleep habits.

Do you relax before bed? Don't be on the computer working right up until bed time.  Make sure you turn your mind down, maybe listening to relaxing music or taking a hot bath.

Is your room sleep friendly?  Is your bedroom dark and quiet, like it should be, or are there flashing lights and ring tones constantly going off?

Do you refrain from eating a lot before bed, and/or eating or drinking certain beverages.  An example may be coffee or caffeine, or maybe sugar.   If you have that hot fudge sunday, it's okay, just don't do it immediately before hitting the sack.

Do you go to bed at a similar time each night, and do you sleep a similar amount of time?  Going to bed and waking at all different times can really throw the body and therefore wreak havoc on the way you sleep.

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