Is It Normal To Use Different Pillows?

It is normal to use different pillows on different nights when you sleep? Many customers swear by their traction pillow, and won't use any thing else. Let's just say your spouse takes yours (An issue we've seen quite often actually), it won't kill you to go back to your old pillow. You may have to bunch it a bit more under your neck. Once you and your neck realize the support that should be there, it sometimes can be difficult. So bunch the pillow there, even roll a small towel up to get the neck roll. You can sometimes put this right in the pillow case.

The best thing however, is to just get another one. This way everyone is happy, and is ensured a good nights sleep.  Many times a pillow can cost you well over on hundred  dollars; that being said, the arc4life traction pillow is very affordable.  Chances are that you won't have to replace it very often, if at all, but if you do, it's not the end of the world...

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