What Am I Looking At On My XRay?

Lumbar XRay Normal -

Lumbar XRays Abnormal -

So you can see on the abnormal versus the normal, the AP view shows the spine is not straight up and down like it should be. On the lateral picture we should have a smooth flowing elliptical curve (that's like the curve of an oval vs. a circle). we also will see defined edges on the normal picture instead of jagged edges or bone spurring as on the abnormal. We also will see clear and fairly even throughout disc spaces on a normal lumbar xray. Do you see the clear differences in the normal and abnormal picture? Visit Arc4life.com for your online selection of cervical support neck pillows, orthopedic pain relief products and Home traction units. Products for pain relief. Add to Technorati Favorites Delicious Bookmark this on Delicious Stumble It!

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