Is Bike Riding For Your Health?

That all depends! I know some real hardcore bikers, cyclists anyway. I do have a friend who does off road stuff on trails and everything, but that's a little different. You do take some spills every so often and that can't be fun, in fact I know one of those guys just took a fall and I think he broke something.

Anyway, when I talk biking or cycling here I'm referring to guys that ride their bikes on the road or on the side of the road. This could be very dangerous, number one because when a car meets a biker in a crash, the car wins. Number two, you could take a spill just like anybody else or any other biker, and get really injured.

So, when somebody said they bike for their health, I'm not so sure. Riding the stationary bike down in the basement is a nice story. Same thing goes for the recumbent bike in the gym, you can get a great workout without the risks.

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