The perfect neck pillow for an airplane journey

This weekend we were travelling to Phoenix, Arizona. We were sitting on the airplane trying to catch a few minutes of sleep for the very long long journey. The older woman next to my husband kept drifting forward and to the left side (onto my husbands shoulder actually)- she awoke many times and looking very uncomfortable. This is typically what happens when he gets the middle seat. My husband is very nice person, and so he just shrugged his shoulders and let woman use him as a pillow. The smart travellers (the seasoned travellers- the ones who were the first to stand in the Southwest A line) I duly noted had this special U shaped pillow- they looked the most comfortable. I was looking on, quite envious wishing I had thought of bringing my travel pillow with me. Some people just think of everything !

And here we have the Travel Core Memory Foam Pillow- perfect for home or traveling on the airplane. The Viscoelastic foam responds to body heat and therefore better conform to the special shape of your particular head and neck. This neck pillow helps support your head and neck so you can relax. You can use with the lobes down for support while seated. Use with the lobes up or down for support while lying down. For me this pillow’s compact size makes it very easy to transport. Next time, I will pack and take my sleeping arranagements on the airplane a lot more seriously.


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