Do you Only Sleep on your Side?

Over the years we have found that a number of individuals solely sleep on their side. They may move or roll over, but they only go side to side. Besides that, if someone is suffering with back pain, hip pain, shoulder discomfort or any other condition similar, they may solely seep on the side opposite of the pain.

People that fall into this category may want to choose the side-sleeper pillow. The side-sleeper pillow is specifically designed to keep your posture good when you are on your side.

"I admit that I purchased my side sleeper pillow (MedSPL106) with an expectation of zero results. I have tried everything else that you could buy in all the retail stores, and nothing worked, including some expensive pillows. Then I found arc4life and this amazing pillow, and it has COMPLETELY eliminated the chronic neck pain that I have suffered from, for years! I'm so happy that you cannot imagine the relief I feel. The increase in my daily productivity as a result of this purchase will pay for this item a thousand times over the years. Thank you arc4life. You're my hero for life. " - Reid Harvey, California 08-13-2011

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