Simple tips to sleep

We have discussed in this blog the great importance of sleep and how we are affected when we do not get enough. These consequences of lack of sleep include less energy for physical activity and dealing with stress, difficulty concentrating, increased mistakes, more prone to accidents, and an immune system that is weakened and not at its best to fight illness.
Start your day off right with a good night’s sleep. Below are tips for better sleep:

  • Give yourself “permission” to go to bed. Put your “to do” list away and make sleep a priority.
  • Unwind early in the evening.
  • Develop a sleep ritual. Do the same things each night before you go to bed to signal to your body that it is time for sleep.
  • Keep regular bedtime and waking hours.
  • Create a restful place to sleep.
  • Sleep on a comfortable bed.
  • Exercise regularly, but avoid exercising late in the day.
  • If you drink coffee, avoid drinking the caffeinated beverage in the evening.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • If you drink, reduce alcohol intake. Drinking alcohol shortly before bedtime interrupts and fragments sleep.

Orthopaedically correct sleep is when you sleep in a position that does not cause stress to the spine, the muscular system, or nerves. The position that works well for most healthy people is the fetal position. A person lies on either side, with the legs flexed toward the abdomen and the back is also slightly flexed. This takes stress off the spine and allows the organs to spread themselves out, so there is less intra-abdominal pressure against the diaphragm. A neck pillow under the head or neck will deflect a lot of weight from the shoulder you are lying on. Try our Cervical traction neck pillow- it will give you good neck support while you sleep and also lightly traction your neck at the same time.


Loss of Curvature in the Neck- "military neck"

"oh my neck really hurts... I cannot turn my head" "My Neck is stiff..." - is that a constant health complaint for you? Neck pain affects many aspects of our life. Working on the computer, reading, looking back to check your blind spot while driving- can really aggravate neck pain and stiffness. For those who look further into it and have a proper examination with x-rays of their neck will find that they do not have a proper C-curve in their spine. Particularly this can be seen when we look at a lateral cervical spine radiograph:cervical spine x=ray showing a loss of cervical curve. Enough can not be said about the importance of the cervical curve. When bones of the spine lose their normal position or motion, sensitive nerves and blood vessels to the head can be affected. When spinal nerves and related tissues are stretched or irritated they can symptoms such as headaches and neck pain. Aspirin and medication may cover up these warning signs, but do not correct the underlying structural cause. Many patients with neck pain have lost the normal forward curve in the neck. Ultimately, this can affect the brain stem and spinal cord.

A customer who was dealing with neck pain, neck stiffness recently wrote in our website. This customer ordered a Cervical Traction Neck Pillow:

"I have been dealing with back and neck pain for 10+ years. My x-rays show a complete loss in the curvature of my neck, a permanent head tilt, and a curvature in my spine to compensate for my head tilt. I've been to the chiropractor again and again, tried roll pillows under my neck at night (so uncomfortable) and popped tons of advil. Minimal relief.

Then I ordered this pillow. The first night I used it I woke up the next morning with much less pain than usual. The next night I slept soundly and had even less pain in the morning. I have been using this pillow every night for three weeks now, and I wake up feeling great. The best part is, my neck is still okay by the end of the day! The pain stays at bay.

Sure the pillow takes a little getting used to, you can't move around much, but I am willing to sacrifice rolling around in bed at night for a pain free tomorrow!"

cervical traction neck pillow
Arc4life Cervical Traction Neck Pillow

Cost of Neck Pillow: $67.95
Shipping: UPS or Post Office: $12.90 (ships within 2 days)
Color: White
Dimensions: 24"x17"
Weight: 1.5 lbs
Shipping Weight: 3.6 lbs
Fits: Standard Pillow Case
Indications: Neck Pain, neck stiffness, pinched nerve in neck, sore neck, disc herniation in neck, military neck, loss of cervical curve, Cervical Brachial Syndrome, Cervical Radiculopathy, Cervical Disc, Cervical Degeneration, Neck Fusion, Cervical Sprain, Cervical Strain, Whiplash, Neck Injury
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New Product for neck pain: The Halo Rejuvenator Pain Reliever

Arc4life is proud to introduce a new product for pain relief especially in the neck and head: The Halo Rejuvenator Pain Reliever works on the HEAD, NECK & SHOULDER PAIN naturally in MINUTES!Halo Rejuvenator Pain Reliever

  • Get rid of Stress induced pain easily and quickly with the Halo Rejuvenator Pain Reliever
  • Get Relief from headaches, especially tension headaches
  • The Halo Rejuvenator stimulates increased blook flow to the brain
  • Increase your flexibility and Range of Motion by doing the Halo Neck Excercises
  • Work to improve your posture

How Does the Halo Rejuvenator Work?

The HALO Rejuvenator Pain Reliever works by simply increasing the blood supply to the affected areas, strengthening the neck muscles and naturally enhancing spinal alignment.
When the body senses extra weight on the head, the spine reacts in a vertical way and lengthens by as much as ½ inch. In doing so, the three curves of the spine straighten and your posture becomes more erect, which in turn relieves abnormal tension of the muscles.

Who can benefit from using the HALO Rejuvenator Pain Reliever?

The Halo Rejuvenator Pain Reliever is for anyone who suffers from head, neck, back and shoulder pain brought on by everyday stress.

It has been used by Chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists to give pain relief to their patients, proving to be beneficial.

Strengthening the inner core neck muscles is very important for people involved in sports such as boxing, martial arts, yoga, football, soccer, surfing and auto racing.

Where does the philosophy and design of the Halo Rejuvenator come from originally?

The Halo Rejuvenator Pain Reliever design comes from eastern methods of healing and wellness.

How do I use my Halo Rejuvenator Pain Reliever?
How to use the Halo

  1. The Halo Rejuvenatory Pain Reliever should be worn like a crown.
  2. Put the Halo Rejuvenatory on your head with the weighted side on top
  3. The sleeve portion should slide comfortably on to the head
  4. Sit or stnad maintaining good posture
  5. Make sure you wear the Halo Rejuvenatory Pain Reliever for at least 5 minutes before stretching or rotating your head
  6. For 5 minutes, slowly flex the neck forward- stretch the neck by bringing your chin close to your chest, then tilting your head back. (do this for a 6 second count)
  7. Next tilt your head to the right, then tilt your head to the left. (6 second count)
  8. For 5 mintues, slowly rotate the head in a clockwise postion then in a counter clockwise direction. Make sure you do this all slowly
  9. Always maintain good posture when performing these neck excercise.

Try the Halo Rejuvenator Pain Reliever for relief of neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches.

Cost: 31.95 on Sale
Size: S/M or M/L
Color: Black
To order the Halo Rejuvenator Pain Reliever: Click here


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