I’ve Been Getting Neck Pain, What Could It Be?

Here’s a list of 3 of the top neck pain contributors:
The top 3 causes of neck pain
  1. Your Pillow- This may have been a great pillow one day but has lost its support. Or your pillow is okay, at least it seems okay but really it’s not. A good neck pillow will keep your head and neck in alignment reducing nerve pressure, thus reducing neck pain. Choosing the best neck pillow is one thing you can do to ensure a good nights sleep.

  2. Your activities or work- If your head is always tilted to the right, that’s what your spine looks like. In this day and age of information, cell phones, tablets, laptops and more, you can just imagine yourself and others with hours of head flexion, forward head posture, or head tilt. If you are doing this posture regularly, your spine will start to position itself this way. If certain muscles are always being contracted, those muscles may spasm; or maybe you have an imbalance because the same muscle on the other side of the body is always being stretched and elongated. Again, this is abnormal and will cause nerve pressure and pain.

  3. Constant stress- This could be referring to a stressful work environment or a lot of stress at home. This tends to create more muscle tension right across the back of the neck and shoulders. Not only does stress affect other body functions but it most definitely can contribute to neck pain and neck muscle tension. It can also affect you sleep; this is when our body does a lot of healing – YIKES!
Whatever the case, a big positive is to start using the Cervical Traction Neck Pillow. This pillow can help to correct your posture and get rid of the neck discomfort.

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