Give the Gift of Pain Relief this Christmas: Stocking Stuffers from Arc4life.com

Does your Aunt Gertrude always ask you to scratch her back during Christmas Dinner? Does your mother wake up with a stiff neck? Is your Uncle Ranjit a world traveller? Well this year i decided to put together some ideas for christmas gifts from arc4life.com. Believe it or not, we are very busy shipping gifts this holiday season. Our top products that we ship as a gift is our arc4life cervical traction neck pillow (#10 on our list). Usually because someone has purchased our pillow, loved it and thought of someone else that could benefit from it. But thats not all- we have other great gifts too. Here are our top 10 products from arc4life.com

  1. Biofreeze Natural Pain Relief Gel- This natural pain relief gel contains ingredient called Ilex (a South American holly scrub that was used by the Paraguay Indians) to help decrease pain. This 4 oz tube is great for simple aches and pains in the neck and the lower back. Perfect stocking stuffer. Here is an article for how to use biofreeze correctly
  2. The Arc4life ChiroBear- This 12" chiropractic teddy bear with a spine is perfect for the graduating chiropractic student, a chiropractor or someone who wants a cool teddy bear with a spine.
  3. A lumbar support Belt - The corfit 7000 lumbar support is great for someone is doing heavy lifting in the yard and wants to protect their lower back. Comes in 5 sizes ranging from small - 3x large. Here is an article about how to wear a chiropractic lumbar support belt properly.
  4. A low back support for the car- if you know someone who sits in their vehicle for long periods at a time, then the slim rest back rest is a great gift. This Car Seat Cushion supports the lower back without being bulky. It provides support to the lumbo-sacral region making your lower back more comfortable and naturally contoured during long periods of sitting
  5. A hot and Cold therapy pack- this is a great gift idea for really anyone. Hot and cold packs can be kept in the home ready for use at any time. For an acute injury such as a knee or ankle sprain - use a cold pack right from the freeze. For chronic pain in the neck - where maybe a hot pack will come in handy, stick the therapy pack in the microwave for 2 minutes. The great aspect of arc4life's hot and cold packs is that they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some are built just for your neck, others for your neck and shoulder area, and others for your lower back area.
  6. A tens unit - you may have used an electrotherapy unit at the Chiropractor's or physical therapist's office wishing that you could have that machine at home. Well, with a home tens unit you can get pain relief at any time. Easy to carry, light, and simple to use.
  7. The Bed Wedge- I included the bed wedge because this thing has many uses. First it can be used under the knees to prevent lower back pain and sleep in a more comfortable position. Second, you can use it to elevate your head and neck- it acts as an extension of your mattress. Third, you can use is as reading pillow in bed, or really any other surface. Comes in 3 sizes - a very versatile positioning product. This may not fit your stocking by the way.
  8. The Back Knobber- You know that aunt that keeps asking you to scratch her back- this product is perfect for her. Use it to apply firm deep pressure to tender trigger points in your back. This is a great massage tool that will help decrease pain, achiness, and soreness from those hard to reach areas.
  9. The u Shaped Travel Memory Foam Neck Pillow - Great for the family member who likes to travel.
  10. The arc4life cervical traction neck pillow- I am going to list this item because it is still our best seller during the christmas time. It will definitely NOT fit into a stocking, but it goes well under the tree. LOL. Patients will buy this neck pillow because their Dr recommended it to them, they loved it, and now they are ordering it for a loved one. Read the testimonials for the arc4life pillow- they will speak for themselves !


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