The Traction Pillow For Side Sleepers...

When you look at the traction pillow, you can kind of guess that you need to sleep on your back for full traction. This is true, but guess what? You don’t need to sleep on your back all night. Sleep on your back to start, or at least lay on your back to start. This will ensure that you will get some good treef in for 5-10 minutes. You then may roll over to your side whether you know it or not. The 5 or 10 minutes in the “V” with the roll under your neck is good, and is much better than in the pust when you may have had no support at all.

I just talked with someone who loves the neck traction pillow. Why was I a little surprised? She said she only sleeps on her side. On your side the pillow is good too. First, it keeps your head and spine level versus tilted up or down. Next, just the comfort of the pillow helps many get their best night’s sleep in years.

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