I Have a Disc Bulge in my Neck, Which Pillow is the Best for Me?

Which Neck Pillow is Best for A Bulging Disc?
The pillow that we recommend the most is the cervical traction neck pillow. There are a couple of reasons for this.

The first reason is the neck roll built into the bottom of the “V.” This neck roll helps to restore or maintain the cervical curve. When we put the curvature back in the neck or improve it, this will help to hold the spinal discs into place. These discs are more stable and are held more securely between the vertebrae.

The second reason is the gentle traction that the pillow gives. This gentle pull helps to suction the discs back into alignment.

Lastly, we have found this pillow really helps to keep the neck and head in a stable position. The shape of the traction pillow helps to hold one in positions versus allowing one to move around too much. Sometimes when this happens one can awake with neck pain from being in a position that irritates the discs.

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