Is the Arc4life Traction Pillow Better for Side or Back Sleepers?

The great news is that the traction neck pillow is made for both side and back sleepers. Over the years through my own experimentation and from feedback from patients and arc4life customers I have come up with a few conclusions about how to best use this neck pillow. Keep in mind, this is a neck pillow- it is not end all and the be all for everyone. It works for some people differently- these are just a few of my own observations:
  • To got the maximum benefit from the traction V Part of the pillow, sleep on your back
  • For mainly side sleepers, it is more comfortable to sleep on the support side of the pillow. I say this because it is easier to turn from side to side on this side. The V tends to hold one in place. Also, on the support side, some individuals sleep in the middle instead of using the wing of the pillow. It's ok, go with what's most comfortable.
  • The support side of the traction pillow is softer than the traction side. If you are having a lot of neck pain,this might be the better side to start sleeping with.

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