Relief for pain in the neck: arthritis and bone spurs in the cervical spine

Our Cervical Traction Neck Pillow is our most popular neck pillow for neck pain, numbness and tingling into the upper extremity, stiff neck, degenerative disc, and loss of cervical lordosis. Today we received this email from a very satisfied customer who also ordered a neck pillow for her sister in law:

"Thank you for the best pillow EVER. I am a registered nurse and have suffered for years with arthritis and bone spurs in my cervical spine. I would wake up each morning with severe headaches and have neck and shoulder pain during the day. Sleeping on this pillow has made such a difference that I no longer dread waking up in the morning. Thanks again and God bless you!"
-Melody Babinski RN, Michigan

Cervical Traction Neck Pillow - for neck pain and headaches due to arthritis or bone spur in the cervical spine

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9 Steps to DeClutter your Life....

Today's Arc4life Blog is taken from April 2008: The Healthy Back and Neck eNewsletter

9 Habits To De-Cluttering Your Mind & Living A More Peaceful, Productive Life -

  1. Control Your Mind. This may sound difficult, but it's easier than you think. No pun intended! One of the pioneers of the self-help revolution, Napoleon Hill, said in his best selling book, Think and Grow Rich, thoughts are things and we become our dominant thought. Nothing could be more true. Problem is, most people concentrate on the negative all of the time... So that's what becomes their reality. Before you go to bed each night, take a few minutes to write down what you are going to (not want to) accomplish the next day. And then take a moment to actually feel what it will be like once you have accomplished those things. Soak in that feeling.
  2. Practice THIS: Once a day find a quiet spot where you can relax for a few minutes. Then try to NOT THINK. Now this is HARDER than it sounds. Our minds are constantly buzzing. The key here is this: You will have one thought followed by the next thought and so on. Try to extend the time in between thoughts. In other words, try to enter into that "gap" in between your thoughts and make that "gap" last as long as you can. Some call this meditation. Others call it calming your mind. Whatever you call it - it takes practice and can have positive effects on your life.
  3. Identify what's important. Things either lead towards your goals or away from them. Most of us spend most of our time doing things that don't lead us to our goals. Make a list of the things that are really important to you and then make a conscious effort to ONLY DO THOSE THINGS. Stop wasting your time on the things that lead you away from where you want to go.
  4. Eliminate. Now that you've identified what is important, you can identify what's not essential. What things in your life are not truly necessary or important to you? What are you thinking about right now that's not on your short list? By eliminating as many of these things as possible, you can get a bunch of junk off your mind.
  5. Evaluate how much sleep you are getting. Once again, most of us do not get enough sleep and when we do sleep, the patterns are all messed up. For example, do you sleep later on weekends than the rest of the work week? Make getting the proper amount and quality of sleep a HUGE priority in your life.
  6. Take a walk.Getting outside and doing some kind of physical activity is a great way to get stuff off your mind. Spending some physical energy clears the mind.
  7. Cut back on TV. Some call the television the "idiot box." It's probably true. People are watching it more and more instead of reading or doing other activities. Television can "stir up" your brain. Cut down on the hours you watch and you will probably have a calming effect on your mind.
  8. Just forget it! We all hold grudges and stew over things we can't change or control. The key is practicing the ability to simply let go and instantly forget the things we can't do anything about. Once again, it's not easy, but it may add years to your life through stress reduction. Clean up your surroundings. Clean and organize you home, car and work area. The subconscious mind picks up on everything. If a cluttered mess surrounds you, your thoughts will become a cluttered mess too. Remember, thoughts become things.

April 2008

-In this Issue-
  1. Article - How To Boost Memory In Just 6 Minutes?
    Does Lack Of Sleep Cause Diabetes? And Does The Earth Really Revolve Around The Sun?

  2. Inspirational quote-
  3. Health Tip of the month- 9 Habits To De-Cluttering Your Mind & Living A More Peaceful, Productive Life
  4. Testimonial of the month - Cervical Traction Posture Pump Neck Stretcher
  5. Featured product -Cervical Tractioning for your Neck- A system for neck pain relief

    April Sale: $15 off on Cervical Pillow+ Posture Pump + FREE BIOFREEZE 4 oz tube
    *** Use Discount Code Arc4Life15 Expires 04/31/2008

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Exercises for the Neck - Strengthening

Exercises specifically for strengthening the neck muscles are also called Isometric exercises. Isometric exercise is a type of exercise involving the static contraction of a muscle without any visible movement in the angle of the joint. In simple terms this means that in these exercises the length of the muscle does not change. As you continue to do these strengthening exercises for the cervical spine you will gain strength in your neck. Over time you should be able to increase the force and number of times you are able to perform the exercises. Here are 4 simple exercises you can do to strengthen the muscles in your neck:

1. Press your palms against your forehead and push against each other, resisting motion. Hold this position for 5 seconds and repeat this exercise 3 times.

2. With this next cervical strengthening exercise place your hand against the side of your head. Try to bring to your ear to your shoulder, resisting the motion. Repeat this exercise on the other side. Hold each position for 5 seconds and when finished relax slowly.

3. Cup both hands against the back of your head. Attempt to push your head back, resisting the motion. Hold this position for 5 seconds, and when finished relax slowly.
In the final cervical strengthening exercise, put your right hand against the right temple. Attempt to turn your chin to your right shoulder, resisting the motion. Repeat this on the left side. Hold for 5 seconds, then relax slowly. Do this neck exercise 3 times.
Read Stretching Exercises for the Neck here.

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