Wrist Pain Relief: Natural Solutions for Pain Relief

At Arc4Life we have had a number of readers email us about having a painful wrist: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Often times they have been told that they are a candidate for wrist surgery, but they want to wait as long as possible before opting for the surgery route. CTS, or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, occurs from chronic nerve compression due to overuse activity, thyroid disease, diabetes and for some no reason at all. Wearing a wrist brace is one way to relieve wrist pain.

Keeping the wrist in a neutral position with slight flexion is the key. You can do that easily at night and for part of the day. Also, icing your wrist can decrease swelling and inflammation. Most importantly, changing your activities of daily living, such as tweaking your work station, can make a big difference over time. Simply sitting in a position where your computer and keyboard are placed in an ergonomically correct way can be the key to a wrist-pain free life.

Whether you have been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or have ever experienced pain in your wrist, you know how debilitating it can be. Find out what you can do to not only ease the pain you are currently feeling, but also to help prevent it from returning in the future without having to go to the Operating Room.

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Heal Neck Injuries with the Tri Core Family of Support Neck Pillows

Arc4life.com specializes in neck pillows. Support pillows made out of fiber, made out of foam, even ones that use water as the support system. One of our top selling neck pillows is the tri core family of neck pillows. The tri core neck pillow is designed to correctly align the neck spine, thus providing support in the most natural position.

What is so special about the design of the tri core family of neck pillows? These neck pillows have a trapezoid center with two neck lobes. The Trapezoid center allows the head to be cradled comfortably. Because the cervical curve is supported in its neutral position, using the Tri-Core pillows helps correct nerve malfunction and promotes healing of injuries. There are also Two neck rolls that one can choose to get the support that they need in the cervical spine. One Larger lobe for more neck support, one smaller neck support for less support. The wings of the neck pillow allow for comfortable side sleeper. Another benefit of the tricore: it is great for side and back sleepers.

Check out the Tri Core Family Of Neck Pillows
Do these neck pillows come in different sizes? Yes, another reason why this is a great pillow for the whole family. Choosing the right neck pillow is going to different for the parents, and completely different for a youngster or a teen. Height and weight also make a difference in what type of neck pillow is right for you. This family of neck pillows has three different sizes:
Can I Wash My neck Pillow? Believe it or, a lot of people like to have this option. The Tri Core Family of Neck Pillows is hypoallergenic and machine washable. The down-like feel of Tri-Core pillows helps provide a sense of long-lasting freshness and superior pillow life. Furthermore, the pillows are resistant to bacterial growth as well as mold and other harmful irritants.

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Visit Arc4life.com for your online selection of cervical support neck pillows, orthopedic pain relief products and Home traction units. Products for pain relief.

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The Secret to Your Best Sleep
Hint: Neck Position

Sleeping on Your Back can Prevent
 Neck and Back Pain
A recent CNN article entitled “what is the healthiest sleeping position” highlights the best position for sleeping- and not just for comfort. The best position for sleeping is on ones back. It prevents neck pain, and lower back pain. By sleeping in the right position, you can align the C-curve in your cervical spine properly. Having a proper neck pillow can make a big difference. The Arc4life cervical traction neck pillow has a neck roll on one side. The other side with a “V” provides gentle neck traction as one lays on his or her back. This contoured neck pillow can provide tremendous relief for someone with degeneration in the neck spine, arthritis, a disc herniation or symptoms such as numbness and tingling in the hands or the arms.

Sleeping on one’s back can also prevent lower back pain because you can place a positioning wedge under the knees. This simple placement of a positioning roll (composed of fiber or foam) can give relief of lower back pain, sciatica and other lower back conditions. This position of sleeping on the back can take time to get used to but in the long run, it is beneficial for many reasons.

Believe it or not there are other benefits of sleeping on one’s back. It can help to reduce acid reflux. Elevation of the head is important because your stomach will be below the esophagus. So acid or food doesn’t come back up.

Finally, it reduces the wrinkles on your face. Who knew that sleeping on your back, can help with your looks too !! With nothing pushing up against your face- you wont’ wake up with wrinkles and can prevent them in the long run as well.

Source: What is the healthiest sleeping position?, CNN.com

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Easy Neck Stretch with the Neck TracCollar

Arc4life's TracCollar Neck Traction Unit is one solution for neck pain relief
 If you have been recently suffering with neck pain due to a herniated or bulging disc for example, your Doctor may have prescribed neck traction. If you have been looking for neck traction then take a peek at the Neck Traction Collar. This is an alternative to the over the door traction unit, and many health professionals have been recommending it to their patients. You don't have to deal with a weight bag, and hangar or sitting by a door doing your therapy; Simply put the trac Collar on just like you would a neck brace or a neck collar. There are two separate internal inflatable bladders; one for the right, one for left side. The traccollar gently stretches and relaxes neck muscles for pain relief.

  • Portable
  • lightweight traction collar gently stretches and relaxes muscles for pain relief
  • comfortable, and effective
  • available in two sizes: Regular (RED_fits 14” to 16” neck) and Large (BLUE_Fits 16-18” neck)
  • For professional and home use
  • Does not require assembly or batteries
  • No water bags, or weight bags
  • You don’t have to be lying on your back to use this traction system
  • Fastens easily with buckles
  • Includes plastic carrying case that is easy to travel with
  • Trac Collar is constructed from soft, plastic foam; internal inflatable bladders contain natural rubber latex
  • Easy to Clean: 97% cotton and 3% Lycra(r) fabric covering can be easily removed and cleaned with warm water and mild soap
  • Arc4life ships out the TracCollar the next business day, always in stock
  • Arc4life ships interntionally- Just fill out the international order form
The one thing to remember is that the Trac Collar, is that it is not be used for a recent sprain or strain in the neck, an recent injury or any type of acute condition. Here Dr. Bellinger, A Glastonbury Chiropractor shows us how to use the trac Collar for a traction protocol:

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