Headache Misconceptions- What True and What is Myth?

  1. Over-The-Counter Medication Treat The Cause Of Your Headache

    It's not right that drug companies are hiding from you that the headache relieving drugs they advertise don't actually target the real cause of your headaches.

    Here's the real deal...These pills cover up your headache by simply disabling your brain's ability to feel your headache. That's why your headache comes back when the pills wear off!

    If you tore your rotator cuff and just took pills so you didn't have to feel the pain, the pain would come back when the pills wore off; in fact the pain might be worse.

    If these medications actually treated the root cause of your headache, then shouldn't your headaches go away permanently? But they don't.

    Really, these headaches meds, cover up your symptoms. The ACTUAL cause of your headaches remains untreated and that's why you keep suffering.

  2. Headache Medication Can't Harm You

    One thing many headache sufferers don't know about the drugs they take is that these pills are not 100% safe. In fact, a lot of the side effects you may experience are far worse than the headaches you're trying to cover up for a measly four hours of relief.

    You see, the way these pills disable your ability to feel headaches is to disable a little hormone in your body that acts like a messenger to your brain. Of course, our bodies, being the highly tuned machines they are, have figured out how to use these hormones for more jobs than one. So
    if you disable the hormone from doing just one job, it will also not do all the other jobs in your body.

    This can lead to all sorts of problems. You can get something as minor as a rash, or you can have sudden liver failure or kidney problems. Even aspirin has been linked to causing unknowing users to suffer from deadly hemoragghic strokes.

    It gets worse...you see, the more often you take these medications, the more your risk will skyrocket!

    Also, medication seldom increases your body's ability to respond to stress appropriately, and it usually decreases your body's natural ability to fight disease!

  3. Stress Causes Headaches

    Yes, stress is a part of living, but it is not the cause of headaches.

    Have you ever heard of that saying, "only the strong survive" or "survival of the fittest"?

    It's how your body adapts to stress that determines if "stress" will affect your health or how you feel.

    So, in a minute, I will explain how you can quickly and easily increase your body's ability to adapt to stress.

  4. Headaches Go Away On Their Own

    Tony Robbins has a saying, "The definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results."

    If you truly want to get rid of your headaches, then you're going to have to try something different; something natural, and hopefully drug free...and equally important, something that is proven to work.

    Obviously, you wouldn't still be reading this report if you weren't concerned about your headaches. So please, for your sake, don't drop the ball and not take action; because as you will in a moment discover, you will have a chance to end your headaches once-and-for-all.

  5. All Doctors Know How To Treat Headaches

    There's a saying that goes something like this..."If You're A Hammer, All You See Is Nails"

    Hammers hit nails...M.D.'s prescribe medication.

    Expecting a different approach from your medical doctor will only lead to disappointment. That's why I wrote this report - to help headache sufferers like you.

    Before we go any further, let me stress to you that there is a place for medication, but more importantly, the cause of the problem must be identified because the wrong diagnosis = wrong care.

    And, if your doctor's treatment fails, you'll probably get even stronger medications or, in an extreme case, your doctor will recommend surgery. Personally, I think there are times when surgery is the only option, but in terms of headaches, there are natural alternatives that many times, work a lot better without the risks associated with invasive treatments.

    In fact, if you really want great results without all the risk of drugs, doesn't it make sense to try a natural solution first?

  6. Your Problem Is Always Where Your Pain Is.

    Even though you may be feeling your headaches in your sinuses or on the top of your head, that doesn't necessarily mean that is where the cause of the problem is located.

    For instance, oftentimes people with a disc problem in their lower back get pain, numbness, or weakness in their legs, even if there's nothing physically wrong with their legs.

    One of the most common causes of headaches that do NOT originate in the head is called a "Cervicogenic" headache.

    "The Cervicogenic headache is a big word for a headache which has its origin in the area of the neck. The source of pain is found in structures around the neck which have been damaged. These structures can include joints, ligaments, muscles, and cervical discs, all of which have complex nerve endings. When these structures are damaged, the nerve endings send pain signals up the pathway from the upper nerves of the neck to the brain. During this process, they intermingle with the nerve fibers of the trigeminal nerve. Since the trigeminal nerve is responsible for the perception of head pain, the patient therefore experiences the symptoms of a headache."
    - Dr. Peter Rothbart, M.D.

You May Have A "Cervicogenic Headache" !

If you answer "Yes" to any of these SIX questions...

  1. "Has your neck ever experienced trauma?"

  2. "Have you ever been in a car accident?"

  3. "Have you ever played football or any other contact sports?"

  4. "Have you experienced many 'minor' injuries?"

  5. "Is your neck stiff or, at times, difficult to move?"

  6. "As a child, did you experience a fall off the swing, porch, down stairs, or any other 'minor' incident?"

If you answered "YES" to at least ONE of the following questions, your headache may be caused by a hidden problem in your neck but there's good news...it can be corrected!!!
To learn more and correct neck problems before your pain gets worse, go to: www.arc4life.com.

For natural headache pain relief try the HALO Pain Relief Rejuvenator. See our previous blog entry here: Halo Rejuvenator
Headache Pain Relief with the Halo Rejuvenator


A look at Ideal Posture from the side and from the rear

One of the key indicators of poor health can be a person's posture. Today I want to go over proper posture and what it really means. From the side and from the back (see below Figure A and Figure B)- what should you look like if you have perfect ideal posture- that is the key question.

When in a standing position, muscles are not activated to maintain proper posture especially if standing straight.

According to Kendall and McCreary* there are certain points on our bodies that are key to determine if we have ideal posture. From the side position, as shown in Figure A, a line drawn from the head to the toes (also known as a plumb line) will pass the following target points:

  1. Earlobe
  2. midway through the shoulder joint
  3. midway through the trunk
  4. through the greater trochanter (see figure C below)
  5. slightly in front of the lateral malleolus (see figure D below)

Figure C: Greater Trochanter

Figure D: Lateral Malleolus

If we look at an individual from the rear aspect as in Figure B, the plumbline should fall directly in the middle of the body, and we should see the shoulder and the pelvis align on the right and left. The head should be in a neutral position, the hips should be aligned and the feet should be turned outward slightly.

*Kendall FP, McCreary EK. Muscles: Testing and Function.. 3rd ed. Baltimore, Md: Williams and Wilkins; 1983

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Why does a herniated or bulging disc cause neck pain?

Our cervical traction neck pillow often helps individuals who experience neck pain associated with numbness and tingling into the arms and the hands. In particular when a person has a bulging or herniated disc in the cervical spine, pressure is put on the cervical spine nerves. The cervical traction neck pillow puts the proper c curve in your spine when you are sleeping, taking the pressure off of your spine, thereby decreasing the symptoms related to a herniated disc. We received this testimonial from a neck pain sufferer:

"This pillow is fabulous. I had neck pain with tingling radiating down my arm to my index finger. (Obviously a bulging cervical disk/pinched nerve.) To treat myself, I stopped my usual exercise routines for awhile to let myself heal, took anti-inflammatories for a couple of weeks, bought this pillow and the books "Treat Your Own Neck Pain" and "Treat Your Own Back Pain." Long and short, I was 100% better after a few weeks without the huge expenditure of time and money required for treatment by doctors or physical therapists. A few months later, and I'm still pain free and have no physical restrictions whatsoever.

I have to wonder if the people who found the pillow uncomfortable did not follow the directions that say to ease into using it by gradually increasing the time of use. I, too, found it a bit uncomfortable at first, but that quickly passed by using it as directed. I'm still using it now b/c I'm such a believer. It provides light cervical traction while lying on your back (with an optional simple neck support if you turn it around). Better yet (at least for me), for long term use, it provides perfect support for your neck when sleeping on either side so long as you move to the proper position on the pillow as indicated by the directions.

I split my time between the US and Europe, and this pillow always goes with me. It's one of the best purchases I've made.

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  • The Linear Gravity Neck Pillow- Available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. This neck pillow is a great support neck pillow. The linear gravity neck pillow aligns your head, neck and spine and supports your neck and head the proper way. This neck pillow can be used while you sleep on your back or on your side. This eliminates or reduces painful stiff neck and stressed neck and shoulder muscles. It can even alleviate the pain from fibromyalgia. Click here for more information

  • The Tri Core Neck Pillow- Another good support neck pillow made out of fiber- available in 2 settings: Gentle and Firm. This is high quality Cervical Support Neck Pillow that cradles your neck in its most natural and neutral position. Click here for more information

  • The Aqua Core Water Support Neck Pillow- The AquaCore neck pillow can be used to accommodate and help relieve neck pain, help correct the cause of pain and help maintain your neck in its proper position, ensuring good health. As a fiber pillow, the AquaCore helps relieve pain and discomfort by conforming to and stabilizing an existing condition. Add the Comfort Chamber with moderate to plenty of water or the Cervical Insert to help restore the natural curve of your neck, which helps reduce neck pain, headaches and snoring. Combine the Comfort Chamber and Cervical Insert to help maintain the body in its proper, natural state. The Water Displacement Panel on the aqua core neck pillow quiets the sound of the water giving you a peaceful night's sleep. It also provides you with mild support by allowing the water to better conform to the shape of your neck, helping to reduce headaches and snoring. Fiber chambers enhance your sleep. The dual Fiber Chambers enhance your sleeping experience when using the Therapeutic Comfort Chamber or Cervical Insert. Sleep on the Low Loft Fiber Chamber for gentle support or on the High Loft Fiber Chamber for an increased level of support. The aqua core neck pillow is particularly good for patient who have headaches. The cervical insert helps to restore and maintain your head and neck in their most natural positions. Use it with or without the Therapeutic Comfort Chamber to help reduce headaches and snoring. Click here for more information

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