Choosing the right neck pillow for the best sleep possible

There are many different types of neck pillows available. We often get phone calls to our office to help customers and patients decide which pillow is best for them.

  • Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow- The Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow offers superior comfort, promotes good posture, provides proper neck support while you sleep, and is non-allergenic. Provide neck traction if you have a military neck, little or no curve in your neck. If you are looking for stretching your neck while you sleep, then this traction neck pillow is for you. The traction neck pillow has helped patients who have degenerative disc disease, a bulging or herniated disc, neck pain after a whiplash accident or chronic neck pain. This neck pillow does take a while to get used to, but well worth for the relief of neck pain. Click here for more information

  • The Linear Gravity Neck Pillow- Available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. This neck pillow is a great support neck pillow. The linear gravity neck pillow aligns your head, neck and spine and supports your neck and head the proper way. This neck pillow can be used while you sleep on your back or on your side. This eliminates or reduces painful stiff neck and stressed neck and shoulder muscles. It can even alleviate the pain from fibromyalgia. Click here for more information

  • The Tri Core Neck Pillow- Another good support neck pillow made out of fiber- available in 2 settings: Gentle and Firm. This is high quality Cervical Support Neck Pillow that cradles your neck in its most natural and neutral position. Click here for more information

  • The Aqua Core Water Support Neck Pillow- The AquaCore neck pillow can be used to accommodate and help relieve neck pain, help correct the cause of pain and help maintain your neck in its proper position, ensuring good health. As a fiber pillow, the AquaCore helps relieve pain and discomfort by conforming to and stabilizing an existing condition. Add the Comfort Chamber with moderate to plenty of water or the Cervical Insert to help restore the natural curve of your neck, which helps reduce neck pain, headaches and snoring. Combine the Comfort Chamber and Cervical Insert to help maintain the body in its proper, natural state. The Water Displacement Panel on the aqua core neck pillow quiets the sound of the water giving you a peaceful night's sleep. It also provides you with mild support by allowing the water to better conform to the shape of your neck, helping to reduce headaches and snoring. Fiber chambers enhance your sleep. The dual Fiber Chambers enhance your sleeping experience when using the Therapeutic Comfort Chamber or Cervical Insert. Sleep on the Low Loft Fiber Chamber for gentle support or on the High Loft Fiber Chamber for an increased level of support. The aqua core neck pillow is particularly good for patient who have headaches. The cervical insert helps to restore and maintain your head and neck in their most natural positions. Use it with or without the Therapeutic Comfort Chamber to help reduce headaches and snoring. Click here for more information

  • Air Core Adjustable Tri Core Pillow- The popular Tri-Core Neck Pillow is now available with convenient air pump adjustability. Give yourself the flexible neck support you need with an easy squeeze of the pump. The second lobe provides traditional fiber support. Reduce or eliminate the time needed to adjust to a neck cervical pillow. Dimensions: 24"x16" (61cm x 41cm).Click here for more information

  • Headache Ice Pillow with Gel Pack- This headache ice pillow can be used for many purposes. It can be used to target migraine and tension headaches. Allows you to use medically recommended ICE PACK (cold pack) for those acute painful conditions or gives you the chance to just relax. The cold will help to decrease muscle spasm and inflammation. It also supports the neck and helps restore the proper neck curvature. Ideal for traveling. You can use it for reading, treatment, therapy, or sleeping.Click Here for more information

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