I Love My Cervical Traction Pillow!

Feedback for the arc4life pillow
One of Arc4life's most popular products is the cervical linear traction neck pillow- check out some recent feedback for this pillow from arc4life customers just from August 2012.

I used to have a lot of neck pain until I bought my traction pillow from Arc4life. I used the traction “V” side of the pillow which really helped my neck pain. When the pain subsided I turned the pillow around and used the Linear Gravity side. This is the side I currently use every night; I don’t know how I lived without it! 
- Dr. Matt Bellinger, Glastonbury CT 08/14/2012

I as described and it seems to improve my neck function, decrease my pain.
- HuskyFan, Connecticut 08/05/2012

This pillow was a great help in relieving the neck pain I have from arthritis.
- Kim, 08/04/2012

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