New Product for neck pain: The Halo Rejuvenator Pain Reliever

Arc4life is proud to introduce a new product for pain relief especially in the neck and head: The Halo Rejuvenator Pain Reliever works on the HEAD, NECK & SHOULDER PAIN naturally in MINUTES!Halo Rejuvenator Pain Reliever

  • Get rid of Stress induced pain easily and quickly with the Halo Rejuvenator Pain Reliever
  • Get Relief from headaches, especially tension headaches
  • The Halo Rejuvenator stimulates increased blook flow to the brain
  • Increase your flexibility and Range of Motion by doing the Halo Neck Excercises
  • Work to improve your posture

How Does the Halo Rejuvenator Work?

The HALO Rejuvenator Pain Reliever works by simply increasing the blood supply to the affected areas, strengthening the neck muscles and naturally enhancing spinal alignment.
When the body senses extra weight on the head, the spine reacts in a vertical way and lengthens by as much as ½ inch. In doing so, the three curves of the spine straighten and your posture becomes more erect, which in turn relieves abnormal tension of the muscles.

Who can benefit from using the HALO Rejuvenator Pain Reliever?

The Halo Rejuvenator Pain Reliever is for anyone who suffers from head, neck, back and shoulder pain brought on by everyday stress.

It has been used by Chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists to give pain relief to their patients, proving to be beneficial.

Strengthening the inner core neck muscles is very important for people involved in sports such as boxing, martial arts, yoga, football, soccer, surfing and auto racing.

Where does the philosophy and design of the Halo Rejuvenator come from originally?

The Halo Rejuvenator Pain Reliever design comes from eastern methods of healing and wellness.

How do I use my Halo Rejuvenator Pain Reliever?
How to use the Halo

  1. The Halo Rejuvenatory Pain Reliever should be worn like a crown.
  2. Put the Halo Rejuvenatory on your head with the weighted side on top
  3. The sleeve portion should slide comfortably on to the head
  4. Sit or stnad maintaining good posture
  5. Make sure you wear the Halo Rejuvenatory Pain Reliever for at least 5 minutes before stretching or rotating your head
  6. For 5 minutes, slowly flex the neck forward- stretch the neck by bringing your chin close to your chest, then tilting your head back. (do this for a 6 second count)
  7. Next tilt your head to the right, then tilt your head to the left. (6 second count)
  8. For 5 mintues, slowly rotate the head in a clockwise postion then in a counter clockwise direction. Make sure you do this all slowly
  9. Always maintain good posture when performing these neck excercise.

Try the Halo Rejuvenator Pain Reliever for relief of neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches.

Cost: 31.95 on Sale
Size: S/M or M/L
Color: Black
To order the Halo Rejuvenator Pain Reliever: Click here

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