To get Maximum Antioxidants, Brew your own Tea at Home

Brewing Your Own Tea At Home is Healthier
 It may seem like extra work at home, but brewing your own tea at home is far better than buying bottled ice tea. According to the American Chemical Society, bottled teas can have as little as 3 mg of polyphenols, which are antioxidants that help prevent cancer and diabetes. Don’t forget about the added preservatives and crazy amounts of sugar too! On the plus side, if you brew your own tea at home (let the tea leaves steep for 6-10 minutes) you get a whopping 150 mg of polyphenols. That’s 50 times more than you are getting in that expensive bottle of ice tea! As a side note, you need 125 mg per day to reap the most health benefits from tea.

So get that tea pot out that you have been hiding in your kitchen cabinet and start steeping!

Source: Women’s Health, February 2011

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