Your Body Often Knows When It Needs Aligning …

What really is neck pain or back pain? It’s your body telling you something is wrong. It’s like your car engine light going on saying it’s time to check your engine. A pain response is similar. That warning is going off saying it’s time to get checked.

The whole reason I thought of my title and the subject I’m writing about is from an episode of Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. A couple of episodes back John Rich was having a headache. I noticed he was often twisting his head to the side- self adjusting it or “cracking” it, or at least trying.

Why might he have been doing this?

The answer is simple- your body often knows what it needs! Doing this may give some relief. He was no doubt under a lot of stress from his current task at hand, not to mention dealing with delegating to others, plus probably lack of sleep, maybe food too …

All of these things contribute to neck strain and discomfort. Also, knowing that over 90% of headaches come from the neck (cervicogenic in nature), it’s a normal body response to try and fix the problem.

Hopefully he slept on a good neck pillow to help fix his neck that night. There’s no doubt the stress relief from the task being over helped as well. Good luck to John and his opponent- Marlee Matlin for the finale coming up.

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